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What we're all about
S.T.E.P is a non-governmental organization with fundamental objectives of fostering robust entrepreneurial culture to maximize individual (youth, men and women), collective economic and social success on a progressive scale.
Presently, Nigeria faces a number of challenges that can only be solved through an education and entrepreneurship driven citizens who are willing and able to become self-independent and who will become innovators in the wider organizations.
S.T.E.P Entrepreneurship Programme for Nigeria is determined to contribute her quota to the ongoing change process in Nigeria through peace, growth and development of youths.
Through this training, interested participants will be taught different skills including & gele, Fashion design, Make up, Beads & Wire Work, Catering, Photography/Cinematography, Cake Baking & Pastries, Shoe and bag making, Desktop expert, Social Media, Event Decoration, Graphics Master, Web Design, Solar/Inverter Contruction, Fish farming, Poultry among others. After the training, they are expected to be able to produce products of high quality leading to increase in gross domestic product (GDP), economic growth, and profitability. Also, they will be able to work effectively in their own settings as well as creating jobs for the nation.
Our Drive
To contribute to the development of Youth through schools and community based Education in response to sustainable skills.
To train and empower youths in and out of school with Vocational Skills and to enable them obtain a successful and desirable life so as to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.
Where we headed
To have trained and empowered over 1,000,000 youths in Nigeria by 2025.
To advocate vocational training skills with other trainings.
To reduce the problem of unemployment by 20% among the youths.